Thursday, August 26, 2010

Token Family Picture from the Beach

Every year I push for this to happen and EVERY YEAR I encounter quite a bit of resistance.

I happen to think it's worth the struggle.

At least this year we took the picture inside.


Anonymous said...

Hey Greta, Who is the extra male in the photo? MM

melissa richie said...

what a beautiful family! i hope you're loving (loved?) the beach. we go in one month and I can't wait.

you don't even look pregnant.

Laura said...

Inside is WAY better! And no uniforms. That rocks.

Mawmaw, that's Edward. He's with me. :)

Where in the World are the Powells said...

I told Laura this last night...I am so glad your family keeps going to the beach each year, I know I haven't been in A LONG TIME, but I now feel as though my spot has been replaced!

Kristin Owen said...

I'm glad you fight for that pic. It looks awesome!

Lindsay said...

Great picture! I'm sure everyone is glad you pushed for it now :).