Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Were the Ones Hogging the Family Restroom at Publix This Morning

Day 6 of Very Relaxed, Quasi Potty-Training
(not at all the way I expected to start this little endeavor)

Sam woke up with a soaking wet and poopy diaper.
He tee-teed in the big potty later in the morning - got some M&Ms.

We went to Publix to do a little grocery shopping.

Sam told me about halfway through that he needed to tee-tee in the potty so we raced to the bathroom.

I kept telling him to hold it, finagled the cart in the family restroom (which was hilarious with my belly), sat in there for probably a good 10 minutes - during which I would say, "ok buddy, if you're going to do it, you need to go on" or "it's ok if you don't have tee-tee, let's just go finish shopping".

He asked me to turn on the water.
I did.
He asked if he could get this little race car that holds Cheerios if he tee-teed.
I said yes.
Grey screamed a lot....A.LOT.

Sam tee-teed in the potty and got the car.

I was pretty impressed :).


melissa richie said...

Hooray for Sam and for you:)

I think that's what our approach to potty training is going to look like. I'm NOT looking forward to it...

Lindsay said...

Yay for Sam! This is so not a fun process (hence why I haven't fully committed to it yet...). Maybe once he gets it down we can have him put some positive peer pressure on Eli.

Camille said...

He is quite the little negotiator!

Angela V said...

love potty training! (sike!) did sam wait until you were at the furthest point away from the restrooms to tell you he had to go? that's when zach lets me know. so we've done the race to the potty many many times! zach caught on pretty quickly and him and sam seem very similar - fingers crossed for the same results! good luck!

Courtney said...

way to go sam! that's impressive. i must say, there is nothing that annoys me more than a trip to the potty during grocery shopping. i have been there a time or two - holding mcm on the potty with one arm (so she won't fall in), holding lucy screaming in the other = hades. it's great once they finally have it down though!