Friday, August 6, 2010

With Age and Knowledge Comes Fear...Which Can Be Conquered

Hey Sam,
Yesterday, I had a real "proud-mom moment."
It's incredibly hot here and we've got season passes to Splash Beach, which means we've been quite a few times this summer. Yesterday, you had a little breakthrough.

Let me back up first. In the little kid part of Splash Beach, officially named Salamander Bay, there are 4 slides that are about 20 ft. long, side by side on a little hill. Last summer, you were all about going down them with me. This summer, you wanted nothing to do with them. You did not want to slide down with me, much less go down on your own. So, I took Grey (since he can't object yet) and asked every time we went if you would like to try.


Yesterday, you changed your mind. I have no idea why. Maybe it was because you heard me say this would be our last visit for the summer. Maybe you just decided it was time.

After watching me go down with Grey, I asked if you wanted to go down with me and you said, "um, yea, I do!" So we slid....probably 3 or 4 times. Then I asked if you wanted to sit in my lap and I would send you down ahead of me where Ebee could catch you. You were ok with this plan too. I think you were starting to feel pretty proud of yourself.

A few minutes later, you asked if you could go up by yourself. Quite surprised, I said, "sure!" and looked at Ebee with a "what's going on" look. I completely expected you to go up the stairs then stand at the top of the slide and yell for me to come get you. Nope. You walked around, climbed up the stairs, sat down in the water and pushed yourself on down the slide.

I was so proud of you.
Still am.

To make us (me, Ebee and Ya-Ya) even prouder, you learned how to stand up right after hitting the water so we didn't need to catch you.

Buddy, you make me proud. Not just when you show how brave you are by conquering things you've been afraid of or trying new things, but when you're sweet to Grey, when you want to share with others all on your own and when you learn new things like your ABCs, or how to correctly pronounce the "v" sound.

I'm looking forward to having many more "proud-mom moments". Thanks for this one.


melissa richie said...

Way to go, Sam!!

Splash Beach sounds like a lot of fun...maybe next summer we'll join you!

Jess the Mess said...

Aww! I know just what you mean. I feel constantly amazed by my children's abilities to overcome their fears. It's so exciting to be able to watch them transform before your eyes! Way to go Sam :)