Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Picture Heavy Post...Because I Haven't Done One in a While

Last weekend, we went to hang out with Amy, Tyler and their boys.
They're so easy to hang out with and, for the most part, the boys all get along really well (unless one of them is sick - as was the case with Sam).
Baylor (Bay), their oldest is about 3 months older than Sam and Collier (Collie) is about 6 months older than Grey.

Here are some shots from our excursion to the Yellow River Game Ranch. You enter the parking lot under a large sign that says "Better Than the Zoo!" with a picture of a squirrel. We were pleasantly surprised to find more than one squirrel.

Grey getting too close to the bunny house for my taste.

Hot husband, a child who doesn't pay attention, and one who is quite overzealous.

Not the right type of stroller for any excursion involving sand. Bob's such a trooper.

Feeding donkeys.

Bay and Sam walking by the cougar like it's no big deal.
Yet Sam is petrified of blow-up things. (???)

And back at the house...

Sam's 1st attempt at riding a bike.

Watching airplanes.

Playing in the dirt.

Bay and Collie crashed.

And apparently this pop-up toy doesn't disappoint.
Yep, it was THAT fun.

Stantons, thanks for having us!


Alicia said...

Very cute pictures! I love the one of Bob pulling the stroller.
My sister bought that pop up toy for my nephew last Christmas. We had to buy it for Shiloh a week later. Best toy ever (minus the loud music).

Shea said...

Love all the pictures! Sam is so grown-up! They are both so cute! We have got to get together before that 3rd little baby comes! I cannot believe it's been as long as it has!