Wednesday, October 6, 2010

8 Months (35 Weeks)

I look weird.

I'd like to say, "I know it's kinda difficult to see my belly since my shirt is black," but I think we can all tell, that is not the case. Nothing about my belly is difficult to see.
Also, please note the assorted toys and unfolded laundry on the floor. I promise, I am now folding said laundry.

Anyway...on to the stats.

Weight Change: A solid 25 lb. gain.
Energy Level: Energy is pretty good but I am definitely ready to plop down on the couch and put my feet up after dinner. Oh and it is a huge pain to bend over.
I get angry when I have to bend over to pick stuff up. What does that say about me as a person? Not good things, I tell ya, not good things.
Cravings: Basically any type of bread...especially Cinnamon Swirl toast.
Gender: Boy, as far as we know. Although I think I dreamed last night that this babe came out and was a girl and I kept showing everyone the ultrasound and how convincingly male it showed the baby to be. So, I say boy, as far as we know.

And because I like to torture myself, here is the post where I'm about 8 months along with the other two.
My first 2 observations are: (1) My belly may be bigger but I think my face is smaller this time and (2) Ohmygoodness, I was tiny with Sam. Where was that kid?!


jessica said...

You DO NOT look weird. You look great!

Jenna said...


Shea said...

You look great - totally not weird! I have to admit, it stresses me out a tad to think of having a newborn right now. I'll be praying it's a smooth transition for you! I'm sure you'll do great!

Lindsay said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

um, I beg to differ- like, BIGtime. you're gorgeous. :)

Camille Platt said...

your hair looks good!

Julianne said...

YAY! I heart pregnant bellies. You're adorable.

Alicia said...

You look GREAT!!

melissa richie said...

you look great! isn't it amazing how different each pregnancy can look? i mean, if you weren't having a boy, i would totally think you were having a girl because you look so different than the other times!

i hope i get to see that belly before he comes!