Thursday, October 14, 2010


The kids have been playing a lot better together. Seeing Sam share with Grey without any prompting from me, lean over to hug him, or give him a kiss when he gets hurt just makes me smile. Or heck, I'm happy when they're just playing quietly in close proximity without pushing each other over, snatching toys away or you'll see happening here.

Those are some sweet little boys.
And I sure do love 'em.

(Expect to see some children's art soon cluttering the wall behind Sam. SOMETHING needs to go there. It makes me uncomfortable to look at such a big empty space.)


Lindsay said...

Totally bought Eli the same shirt that Grey is wearing in that pic. Gotta love some Target clearance! :)

Beth said...

I'm only playing salesperson here b/c my "real job" recently cut my hours (and paycheck) BUT... you should check out our Uppercase Living products! We have chalkboard and dry erase products and all sorts of adorable expressions! (One has gallery "frames" and the expression "art work." SO CUTE!) ;)