Monday, October 25, 2010

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party

Only time will tell if it was necessary, but since my due date with baby #3 is 9 days after Sam's birthday, I decided to have his birthday party a couple weeks early.

This is the first year I let him pick what kind of party he wanted. Obviously a 1 year old can't tell you and although I'm sure he probably could've told me last year, I went with his obvious obsession, construction vehicles.

So this year, I asked what kind of party he wanted. He told me "a red party." I thought that was kind of strange and boring, but that I could work with it and have red food, all red decor a big red 3 birthday cake, etc. Then I started thinking about another one of his obsessions...the movie Cars. The firetruck in Cars is named Red. Good thing we got things clarified because he did, in fact, mean Red the firetruck, not just red the color.

On to the pictures...

The invitation

The cake

The friends & gifts

Grey's favorite part

The fam (minus AJ - Aunt Julie - we missed you!)


Kristin Owen said...

Greta, you have mad skills at throwing a party! It was so great. I still don't believe you made that cake. :-) It was perfect. Props to you for making Sam's bday so special even with a baby soon on the way. Super mom...I think so.

Rachel said...

How fun!! The invites and the cake are both adorable!!

Jenna said...

What should I make of Jillian pointing to Grey, you and Bob saying, "That's my mom. That's my dad. That's Phoebe." When she pointed at Sam and said, "That's me!", I realized how much they do look alike. strange...really, Sam does look a little like my husband's family.

sweet side note: word verification is "apregi" seems appropriate.