Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Three Year-Old? We Have a Three Year-Old

3 years ago, we met you for the first time.

You made us parents - jobs we both wanted for a long, long time.

You were a precious baby, even with that insane conehead. Sorry 'bout that.
Dad took care of it by making sure you were, at all times, covered with a hat.

You were a cute and sweet little toddler.

I guess you're not so much a toddler anymore. You're still super cute though and that personality...whew, that personality just keeps on coming!

You have such a sweet disposition. You're a great big brother and try to take care of Grey all the time (well almost all the time). You are a big help to me and Dad (who you call Daaad, very Southern sounding). It's so fun seeing you grow up. We've had some rough days and weeks in the past few months but I think we may have turned a corner. You are very obedient, much more agreeable than I often anticipate and like I said before, you're really getting to where you enjoy playing and interacting with Grey.

You love:
all construction vehicles, still...really all vehicles
snuggling before you go to bed
Cars, Bob the Builder and Thomas
fruit snacks
M & Ms
Cap'n Crunch - affectionately named Crunchy
me & Grey, because we're "soft"
your white night-nights
playing in the dirt
throwing things

You do NOT love:

blow up things
any kind of green, leafy or slimy food
stopping playing with toys to go to the bathroom

Your dad and I are really enjoying watching you grow up. You make us laugh, surprise us with your questions, and repeat our words and phrases right back at us. We love you so much and while it is sometimes sad that you're not our little baby anymore, it is a joy to see you becoming such an independent little boy.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

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Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!!! He's so handsome!!