Monday, November 15, 2010 41 Weeks

It's not that there isn't anything else going on, but the fact that this baby hasn't decided to come out is definitely the most pressing news.

So first things first, here's what's going on that is not necessarily related to me being overdue pregnant.

-The boys are kind of sick again. Runny noses, which are basically a permanent fixture this time of year, and gross coughs. Sam had a fever over the weekend but has managed to shake that. This marks, what I'll call, a third sickness for them in the past 2 weeks.
-We got our first pound of Thanksgiving coffee this year. (And for some reason I can't find this year's online). Anyway, it's quite delicious.
-Thanksgiving is in 10 days!

Now, on to pregnancy related stuff.
-I wake up just about every hour at night.
-I almost collapsed two nights ago when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom, for the first time. My hip hurt so bad, it made me buckle. I'm an old lady.
-My belly is huge.
-It hurts.
-My hips hurt.
-I'm starting to be concerned about this delivey and hospital recovery time interfering with other things we have going on. (1) Sam has a Thanksgiving musical at his school next Tuesday. I know it'll last for probably 20 minutes and it's not the end of the world, but as his mom, I would really like to be there for it. (2) Thanksgiving is 10 days away. That means, even if I have the baby next Tuesday, we'll be in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Big fat boo.
-It is TIME for this babe to come!
-It's close to time to take some more agressive measures to get this baby out. No details.
-I am not having signs of labor. Thanks for all who are thinking about me and care to know. However, I'm not. If I were in labor, or headed to the hospital, you would know.
-I have a non-stress test and utrasound tomorrow at my appt. We shall see what the doc has to say after seeing those results.
-What if after all this, this babe came out a girl?! That'd be hilarious. Although I'm pretty sure technology is too good by now for us to be fooled.
-At some point, I started feeling silly for having my bags packed at 38 weeks. That's silly in and of itself though. I mean, better to be prepared, obviously but when you find yourself still pregnant at 41, the perfect hindsight shows it was completely unnecessary to even be packed last weekend.

I guess that's it.
I know the baby will come. It's more likely every day that he'll come. I'm just tired of waiting. Aren't you?

Until he DOES come, I'll just be waiting...and waiting...and more waiting.


Anonymous said...

Greta, you are not alone in waiting, we are all waiting with you. God will send the little one in His time...I know that is easy for me to say and I do know how you are feeling about now...but just know that everything is going to be alright! I love you and am praying for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. MM

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Greta! Hang in there! All the Schofield babies were 'post due-date' and they were all BIG blessings. :) I do know how you're feeling. Just remember that the Lord has promised to renew your strength - you will mount up with Eagles' wings!! You're in my prayers. Virginia Schofield
(Robert's wife and mother to Riley, Annabelle, Graham and Lucy.)

jessica said...

Thanks for the updates - non pregnancy and pregnancy. All good to hear. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable. I want him to be here NOW too! If he comes by the weekend, we'll be in town to visit! Let's hope so! We want to see y'all either way, of course. Will call. love to you and all your clan.

thestantons said...

i totally get 'not wanting to miss the thanksgiving festivities.' i'm suppose to go to work on thursday, but nope, not going to do it because bay has a t-giving feast. it's just a feast, not even a musical.
i'm excited to meet your little, patient boy.
love you guys.

Marcy said...

Good luck! I'm at 36 weeks and 4 days (but really, who's counting, right??) with my 2nd. I remember being totally fine to just wait it out with my first, no rush to having the baby... this time, I can't WAIT to not be hauling this massive belly around anymore!

Anyway, so good luck to you and am sending you lots of happy/fast labor vibes!

Bek* said...

the other day i was thinking about how it would be so funny if it were a girl. ha!

if you're still pregnant on saturday, wanna go to krispy kreme?

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry. I totally feel your pain - except that I'm not gutsy enough to make it to 41 weeks.

I hope he decides to come tonight!!

Tulsa Court said...

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Judith said...

Hi, Greta,
Loved your story. Does little Bo look like "Bill Loftin" or what? I had his one week on my screen, called Gary to come look, and he knew immediately whom he was looking at.
Love to you all, we plan to be in Alabama in January. We look forward to meeting the newest little Carter and catching up with his big brothers. See you soon, Judith Weik