Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bo's First Tornado Clean-up

We had the opportunity to help clean up some in the city of Concord, AL - an area hit pretty badly by the tornado.

I blogged about it on my 365 blog here.

For some reason, until I saw the damage in person, it didn't seem very real to me.

Look on the third tree from the left...there's a mattress impaled on a branch.

Standing in the path the tornado plowed through made it seem real. Really real.

I stood in the field we helped to clear and imagined myself standing there, looking out in the distance and seeing a massively destructive tornado bearing down on me, my family, and my home.

That made it real.

The destruction is overwhelming, it's sad, and in lots of places, it is total.

There are so many different avenues for people to help. A friend of mine, Rachel, blogged some more pictures a few great ways to help out here.


Rachel said...

It really is too much to take in, and every time I see it again, the feeling gets worse - not better. It's positively heartbreaking.

krkor said...

oh god

We in the Middle East, our homes are made of bricks

but it is so expensive unfortunately