Monday, May 30, 2011

Seeing as How He's My First Born, I Think I'm Entitled to Brag a Little

Sam has been an absolute joy the last couple weeks.I feel like a breath of fresh air has been blown into our house.

The child has become so agreeable, so helpful, so obedient. I love spending time with him!

There are so many times when I ask Sam to do something that he just jumps up and does it with a sweet little, "ok, Mama!" This really makes an impression on me because we have just come through the phase where the easiest way to get him to not do something was for me to suggest it.

Trust me, this way is so much better. So.much.better.

I'm so proud of what a caring kid he is. He's gentle with his little brother and concerned for them. He is incredible bright and has a great sense of humor. His personality is growing so quickly and I basically feel, as my friend Julie says, like he needs to stop growing up immediately.

I've been amazed at what an awesome big brother he is becoming. Short of the little incident when Sam beat Grey with a drumstick, he really has always been sweet to Grey and helpful but recently, he is really stepping it up.

I love, love, love seeing them really enjoy each other and play together without my encouragement.

They love to chase each other.
They both want to snuggle with me in Sam's bed at night.And Sam has started teaching Grey important stuff like how to say firetruck, police car, and ambulance.

Seeing them together just warms my heart. I can't wait to see how much fun they have together as they get older and I really can't wait to see how Bo fits into this little mix of boys we've got going on.

I am incredibly thankful that God saw fit to entrust these 3 guys to us. They are challenging me, making me laugh, teaching me tons, and making my life richer.


Camille Platt said...

that is so sweet. we, however, are entering the terrible twos. any tips would be much appreciated! (besides pick your battles and stand your ground... ha)

Rachel said...

What a sweetie!! I love sweet phases. They're the best!

Anonymous said...

Brag on!!! I'll join right in! He is a sweetie! Love, Ebee