Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Admitting Defeat

I'm quitting the 365 blog...or as Bob likes to call it, "the worst thing that ever happened to I Love Mr. Pibb."

I don't really know why I thought I could keep up with it. I guess I thought that blog would be updated more often (as in daily) with fluff posts, mainly pictures. I mean, my plan was to snap a picture with my phone and upload it sometime during the day...in drive-thrus, at stop lights, maybe during nap time, etc. Well, when the Blogger app on my phone started malfunctioning, I just kinda lost steam. And then our home internet quit for a few days, soooo, I'm done.

I'm allowing myself to quit.

Maybe blogging will pick up a little on here, maybe not.

I hope so.


Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

way to go girl. No pressure here. Get rid of what "ain't workin." love you girl!

Laura said...

YAY! Go Team Pibb!

megan and nick said...

when you started it i was tempted to do the same, but there is NO way i'd be able to keep up with it! my regular blog gets neglected enough as it is. don't consider it defeat...at least you tried!