Friday, June 10, 2011

We're Using Anatomically Correct Terms Around Here

I'm not sure when we decided to use anatomically correct terms with our kids and their...anatomy, but we did, and it was long before they started asking questions.

They have started. Asking questions that is. Well, Sam has.

Apparently he's been trying to go to the bathroom standing up recently. We've discouraged this in the past because he was too short, but apparently he can reach now. Cue pee on the seat, floor and the wall, eventually, I'm sure.

Anyway, he asked me if I tee-tee standing up. When I told him that no I do not, I always sit down, he started asking,
"How do you tee-tee?"
"Do YOU have a tank**, Mama?"
"Then where does your tee-tee come out?"
"Why?" (just for good measure I suppose)

Let it be said here that I feel fairly confident and prepared for these questions. Let it also be said that I am juuuust being inducted into that part of parenting.
All you seasoned parents are probably thinking, "Oh foolish girl, juuuuust wait." And you would probably be correct.

So this morning, Sam and I were snuggling on our kitchen couch. He asked again where I tee-tee (and he means how/where does it come from). I vaguely pointed to my lower half. Then he asked if he could see.

I don't care how prepared you are for these topics, your son asking if he can see where you tee-tee WILL make you feel uncomfortable.

I opted to show him this book.


I think it satisfied his curiosity for now.

*Sam is very into vehicles. It's kind of his thing. When we were potty training him, we would say, "go empty your tank" to encourage him to try to use the bathroom. You know, like cars have tanks, dump trucks have tanks, backhoes have tanks, etc.
We used the term tank to refer to his bladder. He doesn't know what a bladder is and little boys just name things they can see. You get what I'm saying here?

**Big thanks to Mom and Dad for providing that particular resource.


Jenna said...

one of my children (who shall remain nameless) asked to see my "no-penis". i guess you could say i put the "nope" in "no-penis".

jessica said...

So glad you're blazing the trail for those of us who come behind you.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! It's so fun watching your children parent!! I'm lovin' it! And I love you! Ebee

Lindsay said...

I'm so dreading this. So far Eli has asked boob questions (mostly related to breastfeeding) but nothing yet regarding lower extremities. I'm braced for it since he and Tessa still take baths together. I know it's comin...

We, too, use anatomically correct terms. The cutesy fake names creep me out way more than the actual names.

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

THAT is AWESOME. IF you can remove the "shame" around all of that the easier time they will have coming to you for the serious talks later. Using anatomically correct lingo is the way to go. If you treat the terms as taboo then it bring shame. Now, we don't openly talk about our penis' or "bajina's" (as eva says) that's private. And not appropriate to be silly about. An awesome book I just started reading (and it's never too early to read) is "A chicken's guide to talking turkey with your kids about sex." by Kevin Lehmnan. He makes the point that if you are freaked out at this age. . you will fail in the critical stage when the REAL questions come.

Rachel said...

I thought for sure that we might have to do some learning in this area after adding a little brother to the family, but so far, the explanation of "girl parts" and "boy parts" is sufficing. Although I may check out that book - thanks for the recommendation!