Monday, August 22, 2011

Grey’s 2nd Birthday


Baby Grey-

That’s what we used to call you. I still like to every now and then. You are, most definitely, not a baby anymore though. You are keeping up with Sam, running all over the place, and you’re really starting to talk a ton. On that note, I’ve decided toddlers who are learning to talk are, quite possible, the.most.persistent creatures on the planet.

You’re personality is really developing and it is so neat to get to know you. It’s funny how different you and Sam are. I used to have a hard time describing what was different about y’all but that has changed as you’re getting older.

You have developed a love for vehicles just like he did, although I don’t know that you’re quite as obsessed. You both love to point out trash trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars (and if we see those last 3 in the same day, we call it the trifecta). Basically, any time we’re in the car, you guys are just naming off vehicles that you see. That, or you’re hitting Sam with your cup and laughing. (I guess we did warn Sam that one day you’d be as big/bigger than him and you’d get him back for harassing you when you were a baby).

I wanted to kind of document some things about you and what our life is like right now. As I type this, we’re driving to PA to visit Grammy and Pop-Pop, and dad’s Uncle Bob, Aunt Betsy and Bobby. We made this trip last year when you really were a baby and you had such a great time. It’ll be fun to watch you run around and play this year. I love that we’re getting to go visit this part of the family and believe me, we’ll take tons of pictures to help you remember!

You are a sweet little kid. You’re generous, even with fruit snacks and, generally, you share really well. You give tons of hugs, kisses, and “bonks”. And when you come running at us to give hugs, you always call it out…”hud! dis! bonk” (hug, kiss, bonk). If you want something, you’ll ask and if we hesitate, you cock your head to the side and in the sweetest little voice, say, “beee” which means please. You are very concerned about where people are, when they’re coming or going, and if they are upset. You really like animals, especially your grandmothers’ pets. In fact, when we say prayers, you always thank God for each family member, as well as Gidget ,and Nana’s ki-kats (kitty cats).

We’re all really glad you’re a part of this family. It’s hard to believe this was really 2 years ago. I remember it so clearly. I’m honored to be your mom and humbled by the responsibility. You bring laughter, lots of cheesy smiles, affection, and joy to our home. We love you, Grey! Happy Birthday!



Camille Platt said...

Looks like bob!

amy (metz) walker said...

CUTE picture! What a sweet little man. And you can't forget Aim-eeeeeee caaarrrrrrrrr and daaaaaaaatttttt maaaaaaaaannnnnn gooooooo