Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gluten Free Bread

Bob has been eating gluten free for a few months now and when he decided to do that, to combat his ulcerative colitis, I decided to make my own bread since GF bread is usually not very good and quite expensive.

Here's my first attempt.

Since then, I have had some prettier loaves AND we purchased a breadmaker. Can I tell you how easy the breadmaker is? Soooo easy. I have Amy to thank for pointing me in that direction. Amy, we thank you and everyone who walks into our house when bread is being made thanks you. It smells uh-ma-zing.

I'm experimenting with different mixes and Pamela's baking mix. So far, Pamela's bread mix is my favorite but it's still a little expensive. Honestly, I think I'd be disappointed with regular loaf bread now. The homemade stuff is so good! It's more dense and more filling and, per Amy's suggestion, I've found that adding a couple extra egg whites makes the consistency fluffier.

I'm sure mentioning eating gluten free brings up a few questions.
What is gluten?
What can you eat?
Is it expensive?
Don't you miss bread?
Don't you miss beer?
Don't you miss, blah blah blah?

I plan on writing a post about it sometime in the near future. Well...I use the term "near" loosely because this post has been sitting in my drafts for a month or two. Hmmmm. Bad blogger, I know.

So for now, here are a few links in case you're interested.
Gluten Free Birmingham
Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom
Cooking Gluten-Free

If you're interested and want more info on this, please visit Amy's website. She has tons of links in her sidebar!

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jessica said...

Oh my word! We seem to be on the exact same wave length. I just posted my own bread post, and then saw yours! crazy! i would love to try a slice of your gluten free bread! And you have completely made me want a bread maker!