Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Months–Bo

Again, super late getting this up…well I guess, not as late as I was with the other ones.

Before I know it, you'll be running around with the other two.
Y'all are either keeping me young or turning my hair gray.

Anyway, here’s what you’re up to.
You’re signing “more”, maybe “please.” You’ve been doing “so big” for a couple months now. You are extremely interactive, put everything in your mouth that you find on the floor, eat just about anything I give you, strongly prefer me, and sleep like a champ.
Basically, you rock.

Sometimes, you look so old. And that’s without hair!


I get lots and lots and lots of blurry pictures right now. I think that’s the plight of life with boys/toddlers. They don’t stop moving and unless you’re an excellent photographer, which I am not, you end up with blurry photos. 
I may not have clear pictures, but I’ll remember what a busy and active time of life this is!


Melissa Richie said...

Will you tell Bo to get over here and teach Mr. Beck some signs? Cause we're just now starting to communicate and it's driving. me. crazy.

I've decided. He DOES look like Gray. I hope my third is as sweet as he is. Sounds like a dream!

Rachel said...

He's such a cutie!! Your three boys are such an adorable matched set - they all look so much alike!!