Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cheer…As Promised

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures. I’d love to see your homes in person, if I haven’t already, but this is the next best thing!

Jessica’s Home
Beautiful tree, beautiful mantle and great advent banner!
May I add that Jessica’s son, Deacon is adorable…just adorable! Next Christmas, they’ll have a little girl thrown in the mix!

Heather’s Wreath
Heather, who just got married recently, has an adorable house with lots of great Christmas decorations! Here is one that she made herself.

My childhood (and current) friend, Julie’s adorable home.
Lovely tree with a lovely little being oh so careful with those ornaments! I need to get one of those Little People nativity scenes…do they ever go on sale?
And that Advent calendar? Little bit of Pinterest, little bit of Naptime Diaries? What did we do before Pinterest?


A few quick shots of my decorations, which apparently, don’t change much year-to-year. I want to add a few new things so maybe I’ll hit up some clearance Christmas sales!
The lights around the TV are new. I kinda love them. (Thanks Bob).
Of course, I’m obsessed with my Christmas card frame. I love seeing it fill up! The Noel, tree, and frame ornament are hanging from a chandelier in the sitting part of the kitchen. I like the mixed media/non-matching side of that. And I’ve got the Merry Christmas banner hanging behind that, over the couch. (Also, our tree and the boys’).

And Melissa’s beautiful home, complete with a new kitchen remodel you can read all about here!
Isn’t that soft glow from Christmas lights the best? She’s also got ornaments her mother-in-law gives her each year, hanging from the chandelier.
Melissa’s daughter, Vale, made that awesome glass tree in the middle. I love it! On the right, you’ve got the kids’ tree, complete with Jesse tree ornaments.
And at the bottom, an awesome Advent wreath from A Holy Experience and their family Christmas cards from years past, displayed on their piano. I’m totally stealing that idea.
MelissaThere you have it. A little bit of Christmas cheer. If anyone else wants to add in, feel free. I can always throw up another post!

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