Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Share Some Holiday Cheer

We're less than two weeks away from Christmas, which makes me simultaneously very happy and very sad. Happy for obvious reasons and sad because I love, love, love, this time of year. I love Christmas decorations, the glow of the lights, the food, the smells, the chance to focus on God coming to Earth. It's just perfect in my opinion and I dread all of it coming to an end. Who actually enjoys taking down Christmas decorations?!

.A couple years ago, I asked you guys to send me pictures of your houses decorated for Christmas. Anybody up for doing it again? You can send a bunch (in which case, I'll probably turn them into a collage), or just  one or two pictures of a favorite decoration. You can even send me a picture of your Christmas card if you want! Really, whatever you want to share. This is a safe place. We're all friends.

I'm so unprepared, I don't even have my pictures yet but I'm planning on having it done by next Monday. That gives us a week.

Y'all don't leave me hangin'.

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