Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I know what you're thinking.
Bleh, I
Why would you mess with pizza?

Well, I don't particularly like cauliflower either.
I would mess with pizza for a gluten free eater and to cut down on calories.
And it is most definitely not disgusting. Add some cheese, garlic and oregano, top it with some yummystuff and you can make just about anything taste delicious!

Unfortunately I did not take pictures, however, I almost** copied this recipe and her picture is pretty much what mine looked like.

This is a cheaper, more low-cal option for pizza.
The crust is thinner than normal pizza crust and I'm not trying to sell that it takes just like pizza, but it is really, really good. Why not give it a shot?!

**My changes:
    I microwaved the cauliflower for only 2 minutes. (Tried 8 and it was WAY too long).
    I cooked the crusts for about 17 minutes.
    The recipe says it serves 2. Maybe if you eat like a bird... I made a pizza for Bob, one for me, and one for  
    kids to split. On that note, Sam and Bo scarfed their's down. Grey, my picky eater who happens to be
    sick, didn't eat too much but I have high hopes for him and will try again!

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