Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're Down One This Week

2 days.

2 days until Sam gets back from his first ever vacation away from us. (He's in Pennsylvania with Pop-Pop and Nana, visiting Bob's grandparents).

I'll tell you what, I miss that little guy. I've been trying not to focus on it too much because I get a little teared up every time we even get off the phone. Sad. I know he's going to seem like a 15 year-old when he gets home. I've kinda gotten used to the almost-three-year-old being the "big kid."

Grey, Bo, and I have been thoroughly enjoying each other this week though. I do appreciate all the one-on-one time I've gotten to have with each of them, especially thanks to my sis, Julie (AJ), our live-in for a couple months. Well I should say I've been enjoying it, who knows what they really think. Every time Grey chooses to misbehave and in turn, chooses a little discipline, he cries for Ebee, or Ya-Ya. I keep assuring him they want him to learn to obey too. I don't think he's buyin' it.

He is so thoughtful though. He asks all the time if Charley is kicking. And the other day he asked me when he's going to heaven. After I gave that explanation my best shot, he asked very sweetly, "are you gunna go wit me?" Ugh, precious.

Bo's busting out with some crazy talk too. That little guy asked me tonight, "is baby Charley kicking?" As in, a 4 word sentence from our almost 19 month-old. Craziness. By the way, there's a lot of talk about the baby kicking around here...obv.

While I've been getting some more concentrated time with the two younger guys, Sam has been having a blast. We're talking ice cream, popsicles, shave ice, tons of fruit snacks, and visits to the pool in the backyard almost every day. He has told me multiple times that he's having so much more fun than me. Probably true.


So Sam, I'm incredibly proud of you. I'm choosing to be proud that you haven't gotten homesick ONE time, that I know of...instead of sad that you haven't gotten homesick ONE time :/. I'm proud of the reports of good manners and good behavior. I'm proud of all the cool stuff you're building with racetrack and tiny legos (that we don't play with much at home since a certain two people I know can't keep those little pieces out of their tummies).

I'm thankful you're getting to spend so much time with Pop-Pop and Nana, that you're creating fun memories with them, as well as with Grammy and Pop-Pop, just like Dad used to do. I'm enjoying hearing you ask to talk to your brothers and carry on phone conversations with them, telling them you miss and love them. I'm enjoying hearing them ask about you and saying they miss and love you too.

We're all really ready for you to get home so hurry up and ride safely!

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Anonymous said...

Sam is looking so "grown up" in these pictures. Gosh, they do grow up so fast. Hope you and "Charley" are doing well. I told your dad to tell you that I think Charley Clementine Carter would be a really pretty Love to all, MM