Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Months

Since I actually got a picture last week, at 26 weeks, here you go.

However, this is my "6 Months" post so I've got 2 pictures, that's right folks, TWO pictures today.

27 weeks a.k.a. 6 months. And look, I'm even wearing the same shirt as my 5 month post! It's probably not gonna last a whole lot longer, at least not without some belly showing underneath. Cuuuute, but not really.

Lest ye be misled, Bo was in here again with me messing with the darn toilet. I think he flushed it 4 times while I was trying to get this picture. Maybe that's why I'm scowling...??|

Current stats...
Due date: 10/10/12
And apparently I'm big enough now so when people ask how far along I am, they're surprised to hear I'm "only" as far as I am.
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: About 17 lbs
Movement: She moves around quite a bit! I've got an anterior placenta though, so I feel less, or more muffled movement, than I did with the boys. Also, my belly feels squishier since her back isn't to my front (does that make sense?)

Here I am at 6 months with:
Bo (good gracious, what was I thinking?!)
Grey & Sam


Anonymous said...

well since no one else will say it....I think you look great. B

Rachel said...

I agree with anonymous b. I can't believe you're only six months. You are a model pregnant woman!

Anonymous said...

"anonymous b"....i like the sound of that.

Melissa said...

You look beautiful. I'm shocked people are being dramatic about how far along you are. Crazy.

Secondly, let's talk about the plastic martini glass in your bathtub in that first picture?

Child's bath toy? Remains of Bob's evening martini and bath? You drinking on the sly while the kids are napping-hiding in your bathroom?

Whichever made me laugh.