Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Hand Holding

I had to make a quick run to Target today during nap time, even though I was advised by Bob to have a thrifty week a.k.a. stay the heck away from Target. I took Sam with me for a little one-on-one time, because as I've mentioned, that's hard to squeeze in.

We were holding hands crossing the parking lot, and this precious little conversation took place:

Me: When you get old enough to have a girlfriend, are you gonna hold her hand like this?
Sam: (smiling) Yeaaaa, but I'll still hold your hand too.
Me: You will?! That's great news!
Sam: Yea, with THIS hand. (raising up his other hand proudly) See? I've got two hands.

Can you please just picture a teenage Sam holding hands with his girlfriend on one side and his mom on the other? Hilarious, but my goodness it was sweet to hear.


Anonymous said...

i like that you are blogging again.

i dont like that you went to target.

Punishment to follow.


Mrs. Gaskill Rascal said...

That clearance clothes section sucks you in. Good deal vortex...can't...resist. My husband says we don't need life insurance for me, bc if I died he would just use what I spend at target to cover childcare, etc. Lovely.