Friday, September 7, 2012

Seacrest Beach 2012 (Part 2)

And now we move on to the actual beach.
This year was a lot different at the pool and at the beach. Sam can pretty much swim and is a huge fan of the water. Grey is much more comfortable in the water and has spurts of independence. And Bo, Bo doesn’t want to be in the water all that much and is content to wander around, occasionally jump in, and cling to you when he is actually in the water. All in all, they were much more manageable and fun than last year.
This guy went to the beach for a day last year, but he wasn’t even a year old. This year, he loved it, ate some sand, but steered pretty clear of the water.
And we’ve spotted a helicopter!
Grey loved the beach, playing with his bucket, and jumping waves/being lifted over them. Also, he has a bit of a mullet when his hair is wet, but awesome curls when it’s dry. (Mullet partially pictured here).
Sam absolutely loved everything about the beach. He loved the water, he loved the sand, he loved digging, and he loved burying Bob. Well honestly, they all enjoyed burying him…

Speaking of which, what a fun dad. No way would I have let them bury me, but he did, and it was his idea. He was also in charge of building sandcastles.


Between the fact that moms are rarely in pictures AND I’m ginormous and pretty picky on what I actually want photographed, I ended up self-shooting here. At least you can see I was there.

SAM_6344 My sister, Laura, was a part of this beach trip and it was so fun having her around. We’re all big fans and the boys really loved spending some quality time with Ya-Ya.

yaya with bo - piggybackpiggybackSAM_6415

And of course, Mom and Dad were there. In fact, Mom and Dad made the trip possible. Thank you guys! We look forward to this beach trip every time we get to go. We all love getting so much quality time with the fam!mom on beachSAM_6419
Discussing the plans for the day, or politics. Which one was it, Dad?


J, we missed you! Here’s hoping everyone can make it next year!

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