Friday, November 2, 2012

And All of Sudden, We Have a Five Year-old

**I had this ready to post on October 31 but Blogger was messing up. That's fitting though since I'm always late anyway.**

My baby turns 5 today. Baby Sam turns five.

That seems so old.

To say that we are proud of this kid is such an understatement. He is kind-hearted, helpful, honest, silly, intelligent, spiritually sensitive, responsible, brave, teachable, handsome, gentle with his sister, protective of his brothers, and his compassion and consideration for others just keeps growing. And...he's so much like his dad ;).

Sam, we are so glad you were born into our family. We're so glad you're the big brother to Grey, Bo, and Charli. You are such a cool kid, you make us so proud, and you help keep our life fun and exciting!

We love you, fub you!

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Anonymous said...

Greta, our children grow up so fast, enjoy every moment of their childhood. There will come a day when you will wonder where all the time went. Love, hugs and kisses.MM