Monday, December 31, 2007

Kings Mountain

Well we just got back from a couple days in Kings Mountain, NC. Both sets of my grandparents along with various aunts, uncles and cousins live there. We haven't been to NC for a little over 2 years and none of the family we visited had met Sam. Overall, it was a good trip and I think everyone was excited to see the newest addition.

There were quite a few humorous moments that probably wouldn't be funny to anyone reading this.
Here are a few pictures...

My Dad's mom, Maw-Maw.

My Dad's dad, Paw-Paw.

My Mom's dad, Grandpa George.

New kicks.

1st trip to a farm. Notice the cows in the back...Sam wasn't phased by all the mooing.

Another sleeping picture of Dad with Sam.

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Shea said...

Greta! You are such a good blogger! I strive to be like you! =) But, really, it sounds like y'all are doing great. I know how schedules get get thrown out of wack. Ours has been crazy lately. What do you do though, right?