Friday, December 21, 2007

To make up for the pouty face..

My parents recently bought a grandparent house(gh). They live in GA and purchased a little over 2 acres with a small house in Sterett, AL (about 30 minutes from us). So far, we all love it! They plan to move here in a few years and add on to the gh. In their words, they've always wanted to "live out in the country!"

Yesterday, Sam and I spent most of the day at the gh. Poppa and Reebee got some good time in with seen in the following videos. Mom and I also made sugar cookies and wrapped a few presents. Would've been better if Bob, Laura and Julie had been there...but we still had fun!

Laughing at Poppa

The Whooville Hat - I think this hat is adorable. Bob said it made Sam look like a carny (sp?) A lady from church hit the nail on the head...he looks like a Whoo (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas). Either way, I love it.

(There has been much discussion on what my mom should go a grandmother name. When I say much discussion, I mean it was the hot topic just about since we told them we were pregnant. Actually, what EACH grandparent would go by has been the hot topic. Anyway, my sisters call my mom Reba. Her real name is Rebecca but she goes by Becky. So we have decided to call her Reebee which we assume will end up as WeeBee. I personally think it's cute. Dad settled on "Poppa" a long time ago. I think it sounds like a tall, thin, German grandfather but he is pretty set on it. We'll see how Sam likes it in a few months).

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The Microblogologist said...

My mom wanted to be "Granma" with no D, she tried to teach it to Niecey. She would say "Grah ama, Grrraaahh aaammmaa" over and over. Niecey now calls her "Grah", Mom tried to correct it but the positive reinforcement she got from the rest of us made it stick and she will be Grah forever (she has come to accept her fate), it is hilarious!