Wednesday, January 16, 2008

He IS Enough

John Piper's take on the Prosperity Gospel.

The man speaks the Truth. He speaks it unashamedly and boldly. He says what others may be hesistant to address. I think I'm gonna start watching his podcasts on a regular basis. (Why haven't I already started?!)

Disclaimer: This is intense.

Thanks Rachel for posting this.


Cannonicity said...

Well the funny thing is after I wrote that Rachel said her grandmother was out at the store doing just that in a panic :) hehe so point proven true

Cannonicity said...

And I wasn't trying to be mean :) I just think its funny.. I mean you would feel the same way if you grew up where it doesn't really phase no hating here just love baby just love

Cannonicity said...

cant wait for tomorrow night :)

JBL said...

G! Agreed. This is good. You know it was at UCF a couple of years ago, right? Hence the B'ham reference. I've watched it many times myself, just cause I'm forgetful. By the way, I hope it snows too. My kids (and wife and I) plan to make the most of it.