Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our New Friend - From Across the Ocean, Surely

I don't know if I've blogged about DVR before or not...I don't think so. I would like to pause here and thank the person who thought of it, because it's pretty awesome.

Ok, I'm sure they feel appreciated.

We have been enjoying DVR for a few years now and it would be very hard to go back to TV without it. (Confession: There was a time when I would even reach for the radio to rewind. That's bad. I know.) You don't have to watch commercials, you have good shows to watch at any time of the day - if needed, you don't have to mess with VCR settings and you, obviously, don't have to be home at the time your favorite show comes on (...ahem, LOST). Also, for the past couple years (at least 2), Bob has been wanting to get HD. Our TV is HD ready. So, basically, it's a waste of some bells and whistles to not have HD, right? Right!

Well so far, it has been prohibitively expensive and definitely an extra we could do without. Yesterday, Bob tells me he thinks the price has dropped significantly. So, I affirm his decision and desire to call and see exactly what the details are.

He calls.

He gets to talk to someone all the way across the ocean!!! - in India, I believe.

He finds out the information he got about the lower price is correct, however, you still have to purchase the HD receiver - not a lower price.
He asks his cross-cultural friend how much for local HD channels.
His friend says something we can't understand.
He asks again how much for all HD channels.
His friend precedes to give way more information than Bob was looking for, along with two package prices depending on what package we already have.
Bob asks, very specifically, "so, for x amount of dollars, I get local HD channels?"
His friend responds with way more information than Bob was looking for, along with two package prices, depending on what package we already have.
Bob asks again, speaking a little slower this time, "how much would I pay for local HD channels with the package I have right now?"

If you're confused/frustrated right now, my point has been made.

His friend, I believe, finally answered the question after a few unclear exchanges.
The friend did ask if Bob was interested in purchasing the HD receiver today. Bob said no and that he would have to think about it.
Our friend then said, "thank you Mr. Carter, have a nice day" and hung up.

I have never had a friend from across the ocean get off a customer service call so quickly! Usually it is, "have we answered all your questions today, Mrs. Carter?", "is there anything else we can help you with today, Mrs. Carter?", "were you satisfied with the help you received today, Mrs. Carter?".

Not last night.

Maybe, just maybe, he was as frustrated as Bob.


Camille said...

I totally reach for rewind on the radio in the car! I still do it, it's hilarious.

I'm so glad I'm not the only weirdo who has been completely reinvented by Tivo. :)

Laura said...

Haha, yes I'm laughing at the computer again. Now I'm even more excited about spending the weekend with you guys!

Rachel Callahan said...

DVR is the most important invention in the last decade. ESPECIALLY for parents. TV shows start at 7, but Ali's bedtime is 7, and there are diapers to change, sippy cups to give, and rocking to do. So, as always, DVR comes in to save the day!!
And you think its bad reaching for rewind on the radio. . .I have XM which you CAN rewind, so since I can rewind everything, I try to rewind real life sometimes! :)

Rachel Garcia said...

i love that the guy hung up on you.. classic.

no comments on DVR.. we don't have one.. but it sounds great!