Saturday, March 1, 2008


That's how many hours he was up....from Thursday morning to early Saturday morning.

I decided I'd stay up with him yesterday evening, fully expecting this to be another all-night thing. Now, I wanted him to get some sleep but he was SO productive. And if you know Bob, you know he is normally quite productive. From about 12:00-1:30, he polyurethaned our furniture we recently stained, replaced our kitchen faucet and took the restrictors off all the shower heads. By the way, if you want increased water pressure (which we all do, right?) take those restrictors off and you've got yourself a brand new shower experience. I had some stuff to do too so it was an all-around productive evening for the both of us.
This is how it ended...
Around 2, he said he wanted to go watch TV in bed. About 10 minutes later, he was gone. Yea!!

No mas levaquin for this family.


Rachel Callahan said...

On the restrictor thing; at our old house our restrictor broke (without us knowing about it). Now, we LOVED the showers we were getting, but our toilets started hammering. And I mean loud - JackHammering! It was quite amusing. We had to get our restrictor replaced so we could sell our house.

Julie said...

how pretty is your new layout!! I have an RSS feed that I use to read all of my frequented blogs, so I haven't been to your page in awhile.. I like!! :) It's perty;)