Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Get What You Pay For.

Considering I frequent Walmart...oh, probably 37 times a week, it should be no surprise, I'm writing a post about it. I think I may have only mentioned it on here once (#37) before, but those days are gone due to the new rule of not having more than 20 items (however, if there are multiple self-checkout lanes open and I don't have Sam with me...sometimes I cave).

Anyway, I make it a point to not be on my phone when I'm checking out for three reasons.
1-I think it's rude. Rude to the cashier and anyone behind you since it does slow down the process.
2-I don't have enough hands to hold the phone, take care of Sam and put items on the belt/pay/put bags in my cart.
3-It's too difficult to carry on any type of conversation anyway since I'm quite easily distracted while shopping, and apparently checking out.

More about checking out...

Typically, I gladly touch the "yes" button on the credit card screen in response to the questions - "was your store clean today?" and especially "did your cashier greet you today?"

In fact, I feel a little bad when I have to touch "no", but I figure...if they're asking, they must want to know so they can make improvements where improvements are needed.

So today was one of the days where I had to touch "no". I, in fact, greeted my cashier.
She scanned my three items and barely glanced up to say "hello", then returned to the task at hand.




lil ole' me..... said...

Oh man, that is so rude....

JBL said...

We experienced that too. Michelle was highly displeased. In fact, I think she's experienced it a few times lately. She asked one girl, "Do I need to come over this counter and snatch that phone?!? Pay attention here! I've got things to do!!!

Not really.