Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And Many Thanks to Baby Einstein

I'm raising a young boycotter. It's not intentional. I, personally, don't usually see a value in boycotting.

Apparently someone already got to Sam though...he's begun boycotting the morning nap.
I'm sure there's a reason behind it, teething (his first two have broken through on the bottom and I was going to insert a picture here...it's a lot harder than you may think to see those little boogers, much less get a photo), maybe a little too much sun yesterday at the pool, or maybe he's just getting to the stage where he needs to know I'm nearby.

Anyway, I put him in his crib for a nap and he cried, hard for a good long while. I went up to check on him, comforted him and put him back down about 3 times. (For the record, I almost never have to do that). Each time I went up, he was either on all fours (and crying) or sitting up (and crying). He just learned how to sit from laying down and it looks like that was his "gateway" to boycotting the morning nap.
Want to know how beaten down a 6 1/2 month old can look? Picture this. Sam, in just a diaper because it's pretty warm upstairs, sitting up in the corner of his bed with his blanket bunched up around him, head bowed, crying hard and surrounded by wet spots (drool and/or tears) all over his sheet. Poor little fella.

Needless to say, he did not take a morning nap this morning. We ran a few errands and I held out hope that he'd fall asleep in the car. No such luck.

When we got home, he didn't want to play, or attempt to crawl. He just wanted to be held. But you know, I had stuff to do like blog, check email, vacuum, empty the dishwasher, do laundry and pick up for Small Group tonight. So, we whipped out trusty ole' Baby Einstein.

Currently Sam is laying on his Boppie, playing with his feet and watching violin playing bears, other babies playing musical instruments, twirling light things and a fuzzy pink mouse....with minimal crying. I mean, who wouldn't be mesmerized by images like these?

So thank you, Baby Einstein, for a few minutes of peace.


katieb said...

"Gateway" - Hahaha!
Poor Sam...the image of him crying in the corner of the crib is breaking my heart!
Miss you :)

Lauren said...

Ha! We love Baby Einstein so much in this house that I actually know which video those images are from (beethoven, booyah! aka the "giraffe moomie" as Mac calls it because of the picture on the spine).

Shea said...

lol!! I understand! Savannah went through a stage when she was getting more mobile when she would not nap! She would stand in her crib and scream and would NOT lay herself down. Thankfully, she's back to napping regularly again - well sort of today wasn't a great example, but you know what I mean. =) Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Oh, and he's so cute and getting so big! Can't wait to see him in person, too!