Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Ashamed, I Really Am

It's been almost a week since I posted, and even then it was just Wordless Wednesday.
My apologies.

You don't care because you've got 20 other blogs you read on a regular basis.

Ok, good. Thanks :).


This weekend we went to the wedding of a friend's younger sister, although I consider the sister a friend too. It was really neat. Definitely the most unique wedding I've ever been to, but I'm pretty sure the bride and groom would be flattered to hear that.

The weather was awesome which was good because the ceremony was outside, as was most of the reception. They had it at an art museum in Auburn. I appreciated it, being an art major and all.

Here's the unique part. The bride and groom came out to mingle with the guest during the hor d'ouevers part of the whole shinding. They were wearing "party" clothes. It was kind of like the wedding already happened and they were hanging out at an after-party. So, then they go change into "more traditional" wedding clothes, say their vows and then it's really party time. I'm glad we went.

Funny thing. As we were going into the museum, we saw a car pull in, followed by a cop. The cop pulled right up behind the car in the lot. Strategic.
We tried not to watch and make a scene.
I believe a friend of the crazy kids in the aforementioned car walked up.
Apparently, you DO NOT approach anyone who's being blocked by a cop (this is obvious, right?).

Also, you do not mouth of to said cop.
Said cop will whip you around faster than it took the gel in your fohawk to dry, gank your arm up behind your back and slam your face on the hood of his crusier.
Trust me, he will.

If you just so happen to be crazy kids in the original car, you should not approach the officer and explain that you are "just at a wedding, man" and ask, "don't you think this is a little excessive?"
The officer will most likely not think he is being excessive.

If you do find yourself in either position, being an out-of-town crazy kid pulled over by the cops OR the friend of such a kid, you should keep your mouth shut.
You should. Trust me.

Because if you just keep repeating, "dude, we're from out of town, we're here for a wedding" and "go get dave" you will end up missing the entire shindig. (Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved).
Well, maybe you'll get there for the very end of the reception to deposit your gift, let the bride and groom know you caused a lot of drama and leave, knowing you missed a very unique and definitely fun wedding.
But just maybe.

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Lauren said...

I love the way you tell stories. And I, for one, have been checking your blog for a new post every day.