Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chest Bumps & Chuckles

Last night, while trying to catch Sam's latest trick, sitting up from the laying down position, we had the video camera out.

On the tape was our wedding and some honeymoon footage. Here's a little snippet from the wedding rehearsal. My Dad and Bob just practiced the Declaration of Intent (a very serious portion of the ceremony).
This made us laugh out loud, again and again and again.

Sorry for the quality. I filmed the TV.

We watched a little more of the wedding video and I got a little choked up.
Meanwhile, Bob was fast forwarding through my entrance.
I told him to stop and asked, "Doesn't it make you nostalgic?"
He said, "Are you crying?!"
To which I replied, "I'm a little teared up."

He laughed out loud.

I love my sensitive man.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little teary. too. But don't tell Bob. =)