Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Another Day...

I'm watching the neigbor's baby today. He's 8 months. Sam is 6 1/2 months. I was up 'til about 1:30 last night with a sick Bob (and a trip to Walmart thrown in there). Oh, did I mention the 8 month is crawling...fast, and pulling up on everything? If I make it through the day without pulling out any hair, I think I deserve an award.
Just sayin'.

6:50 AM - Neighbor's baby (D) arrives.
D's status- good mood
Sam's status - talking in crib

7:15 AM - D's status - still playing
Sam's status - back to sleep

8:05 AM - D in pack 'n'play, playing/fussing
Sam - awake with a poop
Let the games begin!

8:42 AM - Both babies playing together in the floor. How sweet. How long can this last?

9:00 AM - Made a second pot of coffee.
D - won't quit screaming unless he's being held...sometimes, not even then.
Sam - second poop of the day, now playing in jumper

9:17 - Sam back down for morning nap.

9:38 AM - Just now got to the second pot of coffee....after taking a big swig of my cold cup - bleh!

9:46 AM - Counting down the minutes until D can eat. He's tired and screaming like a mad-man "quite" fussy.

10:02 AM - D falls asleep

10:08 AM - D finishes eating and is sleeping in pack 'n' play.
I thought newborns were difficult to keep awake while eating. Apparently some 8 month olds are too ;).

10:17 AM - I'm going to take a shower!

10:45 - D is stil sleeping. Sam's up :)

11:52 - D still sleeping - yessss.
Sam eating (a little early so as to finish before NB wakes up - who knows when that will be?)12:20 - Success.

12:40 - Just changed 3rd poop for Sam. Unbelieveable. What did I feed him?

12:51 - Sam is down. Both babes sleeping again!

1:40 - D is up and playing quietly.

2:45 - D is gone and Sam is still sleeping.
All in all, a good day.

Thankfully there were no catastrophes!

Things I learned today:
So far, Sam is a good sharer.
Babies seem to like the taste of other babies' spit (think shared toys).
If you think you can keep one from sticking another's in their mouth, think again. It WILL happen.
At this age, babies aren't that interested in each other...just each other's toys.

Rookie mistakes made:
None...that I know of.


Anonymous said...

humm......brings back lots of good memories. Most of them include you.
Loved you then and love you even more, now! Mom

Rachel Callahan said...

So. . . did having an 8 1/2 month old to compare to SCARE you about the changes coming in the next 2 1/2 months, or make you EXCITED about them? I'm always of a different mindset depending on the particular skills coming up.
Actually the thought of Ali crawling scared me to death, but then when she started, it was the best thing that ever happened. I'm hoping walking will be the same way *crossing fingers*.

Lindsay said...

Wow. I'm exhausted just after reading this! Sounds like it went well overall, but I'm really glad that we're not having twins. :)

Greta said...

Rachel - It scares me a tad b/c Sam is so stinkin' curious and active. Crawling will mean basically no down time for me. On the other hand, I'm excited to see him progressing! I guess that other baby inspired him b/c last night, Sam started sitting up (from laying down)...that's new.

Lindsay - I am SO glad we didn't have twins too!!

Rachel Callahan said...

You know, that's what I was afraid of too (no down time), but actually it gave me more, as long as I was in the room with her. She was so much more self-entertained - she could crawl between toys and play herself (she actually most of the time didn't want us to play with her at first because it was so fun to do it on her own - we'd go sit down next to her, and she would intentionally turn around with her back to us!). So as long as you have an "area" where he can play and not get into things, I think it won't be nearly as exhausting as you might think. . .

Courtney said...

greta, i am so impressed. you didn't just survive with 2 under 1, you did great! 2 still scares me though.

Greta said...

Yea, Sam has been that way with sitting up. He occupies himself for quite a while. I just don't know that we really have a space where he can't get into anything...I'm sure I (by way of his discovery) will find all sorts of knick knacks and junk that needs to be thrown out.

And, don't be too impressed...I was on my toes all day and I am nervous for two!!