Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Think I'll Start a Recap

Summer has officially begun.
Know how I know?
Because almost all the good shows have "season-finaled". I say almost because one of my favorites just started - So You Think You Can Dance?

Bob and I have had many conversations about whether the intro music lyrics are "so you think you" or "so you think that you can dance". If you watch the show, which do you think it is? On the next recap, I'll let you know which one I think it is is right.

Salt Lake City, UT
Cue Cat Deeley, "World-renowned choreographer, Mandy Moore", Mary!!! & of course, Nigel

Day 1

Blonde Ballroom Dancer (Chelsea)
She's tough. She has to be, she's got 5 brothers.
Love her! Actually, I love when the ballroom dancers keep it hip with relevant music. She's smooth. I'll be shocked if she doesn't go far.

Favorite Part - The cool turning with the legs thing at the beginning.

Inspirational Breaker (Brett)
Sometimes I get a little uncomfortable when they have dancers that you know will not be advanced. There was a guy last year who was huh-larious. He was really a great dancer too but he had some physical challenges which, honestly, would've made it impossible for him to compete (lift other dancers, learn certain choreography, etc). Anyway, Brett was one of those types of dancers.
I'm happy to say that, first of all, he handled the whole situation extremely well. He has Downs but he has so much self-awareness. He wants to show the world that people with disabilities can have a normal life. (Point made). I also think the judges handled this well. They were honest and gentle at the same time.

Favorite Part - When he told Cat Deely that he loves her. How cute was that?

Indian "Dance Teacher" (Michael)
His family is part of a Native American Dance Company. He's not involved.
Yet, he's here auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance ;).
Alright, this guy was a bit spastic for my taste...spastic and frantic. But he does have a good sense of humor.

Favorite Part - After getting the ax, he tells the judges that he teaches dance. (He's joking. If you haven't seen the show before, inevitably the worst dancers end up being dance teachers. The judges HATE hearing that.)

Ouch (Robert)
You probably can't remember because even you got a concussion from his fall. I guess he didn't get through...

Favorite part - Honestly? The fall. I mean, he's ok. Are you telling me you didn't rewind your DVR and watch it again? And again?

Ice Breaker (Desmond)
He's original, that's for sure. I didn't think I'd like him at first, but he ended up being pretty interesting and showing lots of different styles in his audition. However, I totally wasn't expecting the ballet flair.

Favorite Part - His ice tape.

Red Lace Smiley (Lindsey)
She goes in my "another jazzy dancer" category. This seems to be quite a large category for the girls to fall into. Besides looking like someone was pulling the corners of her mouth and her eyelids, she was very enjoyable to watch. She seems very talented but I don't know how far she'll go.

Favorite part - Her flip with the seated landing.

Bonnie Story's Daughter (Kelli)
She was sooo good. She's also one of those people who is just in great shape, you know, she's got a dancer's body. And, I loved her blue jacket at the end. I'll be shocked if she doesn't go far as well.

Favorite part - Any of her 3 flawless leg extensions.

Didn't make it all the way through the first time did ya? But you held your own in the choreography? Way to go, you!
Ice Breaker
Scary Looking Ballroom Girl in red
Another jazzy girl
Skinny Guy with Pedal Pushers
Pink's Little Sister
Contemporary Guy / Spin Jumper
The guy in the blue and grey striped sweater...I think he was excited.

Day 2

Post-Apocalyptical Warrior ( Naomie)
I didn't want her to dance. I really didn't. I kept thinking maybe she'd decide to go back home and rehearse lines or advise someone financially.
No such luck.
It was like a bad mixture of the grapevine (aerobics style) and sock sliding.

Favorite part - Nigel asking her what planet she's from to which she replies with a shrug.

DJ (Ryann)
He's tall...really tall, and yet somehow, he still managed to find and wear clothes that are way too big.

Favorite part - Fake stretching at the end, "like professionals do".

Ballerina (Matt)
He's talented. Did I enjoy his dance? No. In fact, I don't think I ever enjoy male ballerinas. (Those two words shouldn't sit next to each other). And for the record, I'm ok with him keeping those shorts because I don't think I'd prefer the alternative...

Favorite part - Spinning kicks...reminiscent of the Nutcracker. And I do love the Nutcracker.

Contemporary/Ballet/Jazz (Thayne)
This guy may stick around for a while. He seems strong but he's got an edge about him that's a little different from the other contemporary guys we've seen.

Favorite part - The vogueing...I guess that's what it should be called.

Part 1 of the Best Friend Fitness Instructors (Kortney)
This girl's got a little "urban" in her. I'm glad they're bringing her back for choreography. I bet she'll get her act together and make it through. Oh, and I think it would've been easier to watch without the scarf.

Favorite part - Seeing her cute little 2 1/2 year old.

Part 2 of the Best Friend Fitness Instructors (Michelle)
Save the Last Dance, anyone? She appears to be in great shape, but the "I-work-out-a-lot" great shape, notsomuch "dancer" great shape. She seems a little stiff too and is apparently struggling with the socks. It seems like these people would come up with a better alternative.
Anyway, she has a beautiful smile and I'm glad they're through (to choreography)...together. Was there any doubt it would be together?

Favorite part - The head nod at the end.

Didn't make it all the way through the first time did ya? But you held your own in the choreography? Way to go, you!
Best Friend Fitness Instructor - Part 2
Best Friend Fitness Instructor - Part 1
Super Tall DJ
A bunch of other random people that we didn't get to see dance...

I now interrupt this post...because it's getting pretty lengthy and I'm only through half of the show!
I know!
I love that it's 2 hours!

Stay tuned for the next hour's recap. It'll be up in a day or so...well probably sometime tomorrow since I don't feel well. And what do I do when I don't feel well? I'll tell you. I lay around, watch TV, eat Choxie and
Natural Puff Cheetos, and blog.


Jaci Spain said...

We love this show too:)

teagirl79 said...

I love this show! Scott hates it, of course....
I dont get to wtch it regularly tho! :)
and for the record, I think the intro is "So ya think you can dance (dance, Dance...fade)... maybe...