Thursday, May 29, 2008

Twenty Things I'll Never Do

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1. Lay in a pit of snakes.

2. Start liking sweet tea.

3. Drink un-sweet tea. Bleh.

4. Cut my hair "boy short".

5. Give up cokes. (including, but not limited to, Mr. Pibb, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Mountain Dew)

6. Love anyone more than Bob.

7. Want to get pregnant with triplets.

8. Give up coffee.

9. Turn down a manicure, pedicure or massage.

10. Stop being humbled and amazed when I look at the night sky and think about how big God is
and how small I am.

11. Enjoy vacuuming.

12. Swim with sharks.

13. Jump out of an airplane (unless my life depends on it).

14. Break my own finger.

15. Hate cooking.

16. Enjoy any dressing room experience - including handing the clothes back to the attendant and feeling the need to explain why, no, none of them worked.

17. Pierce my bellybutton.

18. Turn down a trip to just about anywhere, especially with Bob!

19. Stop wondering.

20. Become less emotional. I think it works like this...quite the opposite.

Oh! You're still reading? Great!
Why don't we do another giveaway in honor of this being my 100th post??!

How to enter:
Leave a comment telling me one thing you'll never do AND let me know which option you'll choose if you win! (You can always change your mind if you do win!)

Winner's Choice:
Option 1 - $10 credit towards anything in my Etsy shop.
Option 2 - $5 Starbucks card

I'll accept comments/entries until this Friday, May 30th. Please make sure I can get in touch with you if you win. That means, if you're not a blogger OR your profile is set to private, you're gonna need to leave an email address. Good luck!

Oh yea, if you want to let us in on 20 things you'd never do - just leave a link to your specific post!


Camille said...

Yay surveys! I'm not sure where to put my link? I'll try Mister Linky...

Kristin said...

Whoa, only one thing? that´s tough...

lets go on your spin....I also will never

cut my hair boy short (would be a curl helmut)
and won´t
wear Keds
wear a teacher´s jean jumper with apple and school supply pins on it

I will however gladly jump out of a plane for skydiving

Ok im excited I can enter the contest because Im moving back to georgia!!! yippy!!!

oh, i´ll take the jewelry thing if I it!

Gaskill Rascals said...

I will never bungee jump.

$10 credit would be cool!

hi greta...


Laura said...

I will never like touching ice!

Eh! It makes me cringe to think about it! Ugh.

And I want $10 credit toward your shop.

Rachel Callahan said...

Yay! I'm always up for a good list, AND a contest! I'd love some of your jewelry, so I'll definitely go for the GC to your Etsy site. Here is my list:

1. Want to be featured on an episode of "Kids By The Dozen" on TLC.
2. Move away from Birmingham (luckily for me, I'm sure this would show up on Chris' list of 20 things he'd never do also).
3. Get a tattoo. That's my Dad's fault. He brainwashed me. But that's ok. I don't mind.
4. Live without Excel. Oh, what a difficult life that would be!
5. Enjoy being away from Chris, even for a little while.
6. Not having my one and only illogical fear: roaches. But hey, it'd be great to be cured of this one.
7. Enjoy the days getting shorter in the Fall/Winter. The misery!
8. Not having a cell phone.
9. Not having a cell phone that could access my email anytime, anywhere. It's amazing the luxuries you get used to and "can't live without".
10. Go a month without reconciling my checking account (OK - I admit it - I actually reconcile it weekly when I "do the budget").
11. Go a month without taking a picture of Ali. However, surely this will happen when she is a teenager. I'm certain she won't want to pose for pictures like she does now.
12. Not be involved in Ministry of some sort.
13. Love anyone more than Chris (except God, of course).
14. Look at a plate of mashed potatoes and say, “You know, I don’t really care for starches.”
15. WANT to move, ever, ever again.
16. Walk by my computer and hope I don’t have any new email.
17. Not get a huge thrill about getting a good bargain. Or be able to feel good about paying full price.
18. Drink diet drinks or quit absolutely LOVING fountain cokes. MMMMM.
19. Say a word while burping. And, Chris isn't allowed to either. I put up with a lot when it comes to bodily functions, with good humor even, but don't say a word while burping. Even if they did do away with my favorite department store and name it a word that sounds like "belch", you can't say it during a belch (Chris thought that it should surely be an exception. It's not).
20. Not absolutely loving it when people tell me that they read (and even enjoy!!) my blog!

katieb said...

I will never ever ever -

Stop missing my friend Greta and wishing we lived in the same place so we could have weekly walks, lunch dates, supper clubs, long talks, and so much more!

$10 credit. but I obviously didn't put this comment so I could was more in the interest of expressing the above sentiment ;)

teagirl79 said...

hmmm..."never" can be dangerous...
But, I will never jump out of/off of anything high, including, but not limited to, airplanes and bridges. I get woozy thinking of heights!
And I would take whatever if I win!

HJoy said...

I will never be able to burp. really.

I would like the jewelry.

Thanks Greta! cute picture today..

Cannonicity said...

I will never....dye my hair any random color....I have never dyed my hair period...probably will when I get grey...but most likely a dark shade of brown...similar to what I am currently sporting....
Welp...jewlary is always a friend of mine

Jessica said...

I would never carry triplets AGAIN. After having already done it once, I found it to be kind of overrated. :)

I would HAPPILY take the GC to your shop!! :)

RDJones said...

well I must whole heartidly agree with you on number 10 and nailed my top two for sure..oh and I'll take the SB card if by some chance is win on of these things!

RDJones said...

well not with bob on #18 but you know what I meant :)

Jennifer Weed said...

I will never be a contestant on "Fear Factor". There are some things money can't buy - like my dignity.
I would love the GC for some bling-bling!

dani said...

I posted my list of 20 on my blog. I didn't put anything about my poor hubby though. I will never not enjoy having him in my life.

Rachel Garcia said...

Jewelry for shizzile.

I will never EVER put a stitch of 80's style clothing on my body. No matter what "these kids" are wearing these days. The 80's do should be outlawed. I don't understand why any person would want to relive that.

(although, I would put on a NKOTB shirt on in a fast second if I were going to the New Kids concert in Atlanta!).

Jaci Spain said...

I will never start liking fish or eat any kind of a bug or worm.

$10 credit toward your jewelry