Thursday, May 8, 2008

If They Didn't Have Such Good Stuff.....

I just might stop shopping at Target.
Their return policy is ridiculous. You hear me? Ridiculous.

I bought an item of clothing a week or so ago. I didn't try it on at the store because sometimes with a little one, it's just easier to guess and figure out if it fits at home.

Well, it didn't fit so I took it back to exchange the size.

The customer service rep. just told me to switch out the sizes and did something on the computer but did not give me a new receipt.

Herein lies the problem.

Today, I went back to return said item of clothing because the other size didn't fit well either.
Keep in mind, I still have the receipt. No problem, right? Wrong.

This time, the customer service person (who I think might be the one who "helped" me last time) would only give me store credit because apparently the system was showing that I had already returned said item of clothing.

This c.s. person saw me walk into the store with the clothing item, saw my original receipt and still wouldn't refund my money. How irritating! I told her I knew it wasn't her policy but that Target's return policy had just gotten ridiculous and that I didn't understand how they wouldn't refund me when I did everything right and the c.s. person didn't give me a new receipt.


I guess it'd be worse if I couldn't find anything else I like at Target....but I can, so I'll be ok.


Rachel Callahan said...

We've also had painful return issues with Target in the past. It's amazing how inflexible they are compared to their biggest competitor, Wal-Mart, who will let you return anything, even if you've had it for 5 years and worn it out!

Courtney said...

They are absolutely NUTS about receipts, aren't they? But, oh, they have so many cute things...MCM and I spent about 2 hours there on Wednesday.

Camille said...

Give up Target? That's unpossible!

You did know that if you paid with a card (credit or debit) they can use that to verify your purchase and you don't need the receipt? That's what I do when I return stuff because I lose receipts.

Greta said...

Oh yes...she tried looking it up with my card but that still showed I had already returned the item.

P.S. Now Target only allows 2 returns without a receipt per year (per license # :( ).

Camille said...

WHAT?! That I did not know. That's not great news because I never try clothes on there...

Greta said...

Well...that's at least how it is in AL. Maybe TX is different???