Friday, June 6, 2008

Ode to the Maxima

We recently sold our Maxima. The following are some thoughts and memories pertaining to that fine automobile.

Ode to the Maxima

Sapphire blue,
Bright HIDs,
Premium gas,
One set of keys.

6 speeds,
Bose sound,
Going fast,
Front wheels off the ground.

Sweet ride,
Family sedan,
Suitable for a girl...or a man.

You never went far,
Dear Maxima,
you were our favorite car.


Anonymous said...

It was a nice car, wasn't it? I think it was my favorite, too.
Nice "ode", by the way! Love, Mom

teagirl79 said...

oh SAD! we love our Maximas too!
:( sorry yall had to get rid of it!

Courtney said...

i wish you would turn that poem into a rap. you could call it "rollin' in my maxima." cool, right?