Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Suppose I Wasn't Clear

My husband didn't "get" my last post. In fact, he claims his point is valid since I didn't get any comments ;).

I guess I was trying not to sound down on the lady, buuuuut....let me clarify.

My point was that this lady, who was ignoring her children (who were kind of running amuck), WAS choosing to read a gossip article while grocery shopping. Maybe that's her only opportunity.

I was just thinking, since she seemed to be multi-tasking, maybe she could've handled my grocery shopping too!


Kim said...

It just a mite confusing.

It sounds like it could've been me. But I'm in Mississippi. And I only have three kids.

Lauren said...

Thanks for the clarification. And it could be me too, except I usually have to settle for longingly scanning the headlines on the covers of magazines at the checkout, because by that time both of mine have decided that they are DONE with the shopping and I'm running damage control and digging for sippies and my coupons. ;o)