Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maybe She Could've Taken Care of My Grocery Shopping Too

**Title edited because of previous typo***

You know how, when you're shopping - especially grocery shopping, you tend to see the same couple of people again and again on different rows.

Yesterday was no exception. One of the same people I kept seeing was a mom with her 4 kids, ranging in age from about 5-12. The kids weren't being obnoxious but they definitely weren't the quiet, complacent, follow-behind-your-mom-like-little ducks type of kids.

As we were leaving, we passed this entourage and I noticed the mom had, along with her very full shopping cart and 4 "kids being kids", a magazine opened up to some article about J. Lo in the seat part of the cart.

I wonder what would've happened if I had traded my shopping list for her magazine...

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