Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If it Sounds Too Good...

Well it probably is!

You might find some great deals.
You might sell some of your stuff.
You will definitely get some scammer emails if you list anything.

These emails are usually pretty easy to recognize. The english is broken and the sender doesn't use any specifics...such as "I'd like to buy your item for sale".

Here's another way you can get scammed.

These people didn't see it coming. They thought the deal seemed too good to be true but apparently, if they did any background checking, it wasn't enough.

I'm thinking I should form a coalition to go after these scammers AND the ones who are selling our Social Security Numbers to illegal aliens. You know how that works. They don't pay taxes for the work they do under your SSN and then you get letter, after letter, after stinkin' letter from the IRS saying you owe all their taxes. Not that I know anything about that...

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"J" said...

I was just thinking about listing my washer and drier and stove on craigs list?!?!?!? I should post crazy people stay away or!