Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reader? What's a Reader?

Judging by your responses (all be them few) to my poll about how many blogs you subscribe to...I think an informative post is in order.

I think the easiest teaching tool I can provide is a link to this post.

If you only read one blog, Mom and Dad, this might not apply to you. But, if you read more than that, subscribing to blog feeds in a reader will definitely save you time AND keep you from forgetting about some of your favorites!

(See that "NEW POST ALERT" in my right side column? Click on that to subscribe to this blog).


Californian Peach said...

HI Greta,
Well your blogs is definitely one that I read on a regular basis, so I decided to give the RSS feed a shot. I have to say I am astonished that it is so easy and I have already saved so much time but adding the 15 blogs or so that I check daily. Now i just log into Google reader and hope that someone has posted and I'll have at least one new item to distract my attention from work. It does sort of take away from being able to justify me wasting time, because I just "have to check all of them every day" ;-) Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

I am glad you wrote this post. I started up my Google reader about a month ago and I can't begin to think about how much time it's saved me!

I will probably be linking to your blog soon, because I plan to write my own post about it.

Oh, and your little man sure is a cutie!!

lil ole' me..... said...

Gonna have to check into this...
Thanks for the suggestion!