Thursday, July 10, 2008

When I Focus on it, My Heart Breaks

A friend of mine from high school has started this....

It's called Free Chains and it's a campaign to bring awareness to, and help end, sex trafficking.

Child sex trafficking is one of those issues I don't think about very often. I'm thankful for and ashamed by that. Thankful because it isn't really affecting me but ashamed because it is obviously affecting so many others. (Click here, then click on "learn more").

They could use all the help they can get to get this campaing off the ground. If you're at all interested, there are lots of great ways to get involved:

1 - Forward the information on to your friends and family.
2 - Buy a Free chain (keychain).
3 - Buy a t-shirt (and wear it)!
4 - Talk about it...
5 - Simply donate.

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