Monday, September 22, 2008

Adios Summer!

Growing up, I would definitely tell you that Summer was my favorite season. Wasn't it every kid's favorite?

Raise your hand if you wouldn't enjoy a break from school, staying up late, having sleep-overs in the middle of the week, playing at the pool ALL day and taking long vacations with your family. Ok, you...with your hand up, your vote doesn't count and you probably like Vanilla Caramel creamer anyway.

Along with many other opinions, my favorite season has now changed as well. Drumroll is now Fall, slash Autumn slash the cool breeze that blows away the overwhelming heat and humidity of an Alabama Summer. And as of today folks, it is officially Fall.

A few of my favorite things, most reserved for Fall...but some I enjoy a little bit ahead of time:
Sweaters (namely cardigans)
Covering up with a blanket on the couch
Bundling up a baby (seriously, how cute are little kids all bundled up?) Ok, that's probably more for winter but it's such a cute picture....go on, picture it.
Football games
Maple tree leaves turning red and yellow
Candy Corn Pumpkins - yum!
Thanksgiving...just in general
Homemade Apple Pie (DE-licious)
Taco Soup
Pumpkin Spice Lattes

(Kind of food themed there at the end, huh? Get over it, I'm a chunk.)


Camille said...

I love fall. I had my first candy corn pumpkin today, as a matter of fact.

On the coffee creamer note, however, I do enjoy the vanilla caramel on occasion even though it is super sweet. But my favorite - and yet another reason to love fall/winter - are the seasonal coffeemate creamers: gingerbread spice, pumpkin, and egg nog. Wahoo!!

julie said...

this post made me laugh really hard - and i couldn't agree MORE! :) but for me - growing up even - fall has always been my favorite season. i love this time of year. i even loved the first couple of weeks of school (i'm a sucker for new pens/pencils/binders, etc) not to mention my birthday generally marks the beginning of this fabulous season.

:) yay for fall. we're going camping this weekend and i'm so looking forward to fabulous cool weather around a campfire! :)

Alicia said...

I am right there with you! I love the crisp mornings and the smell of leaves burning!! Summer can never end soon enough for me!

RDJones said...

oh man fall is my FAVORITE!!!! and all of the things you listed are on my list as well! You have inspired a blog from me!

Cannonicity said...

Girl its 83 degrees there...I don't think you can say goodbye to Summer yet!!! I wish I was there right now I am freezing my tail off!! :(

Lindsay said...

I love fall, too, but I think Spring is my favorite. And please - you're so not a chunk!

Cannonicity said...

Yes I bet that feels nice no Humidity! YEA! (I don't miss that!) Well if you ever want to come for a visit and see some early Fall Foliage we have an extra room and would LOVE it! Wink