Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm Callin' it the "C Factor"

Sam and I were sitting at a stop light this afternoon. As I often do, I turned around to talk to him while we were waiting. I noticed he was pointing and looking out the window to my left. He had a huge grin on his face. I figured he was just pointing at some trucks. (For some reason...oh who am I kidding? Because he is Bob's son, he really likes to point out trucks).

Anyway, I turn around and there is an older gentleman (in a truck) smiling and waving at Sam. Now normally, I would deem that fellow creepy, try to distract Sam and anxiously wait for the light to turn. Not this time though because this old guy seemed normal enough and slightly embarrassed that I caught him playing with my kid.

So here's my question. What is it that gives somebody that creepy fact (C Factor)? I've been creeped out by normal enough looking people in normal enough looking vehicles and vice versa. Is it length of eye contact? Whether they look like they've had a shower recently? The state of their vehicle? What? I can't seem to boil it down to just one thing. Although, I can tell you this. If you are pulled up far enough to have to turn around to see me or my kid AND you've been looking for more than about 2 seconds, you.are.creeping.me.out.

Drive away.

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Lindsay said...

I'm with you on the creeping out thing. We were in a restaraunt a few weeks ago and a lady sitting at the table next to us stared at Eli the entire time we were there. Seriously, she didn't look away once (I was monitoring through my peripheral vision) and had a very intense "I want to steal your baby" look on her face. J.C. and I both were extremely uncomfortable and left the restaurant as quickly as possible. What is wrong with people?

Kristina said...

the long stare, the eyes....I don´t know...watch out!

Jaci Spain said...

Yeah, I'm with you. People really freak me out sometimes when they just stare at me and my kids. I can feel them watching us. Especially if they reach out to touch one of them. The other day we were at Dollar General and this lady just picked Mia up. I just quickly took her back and walked away and got out of there as quickly as possible. It really freaked me out! Who does that?!

Greta said...

Ok, that is definitely crossing the line. I'm with you WHO does that?! Creepers. That's who.

Christine said...

I think it's intuition. Whatever my gut tells me, I'm going with it. Especially when it comes to the safety of my children. I've had perfectly "normal" looking people creep me out and I've had very odd people that I knew were nothing but nice.