Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Call it a Carv-O-Rama

The husband of one of my very best friends works at this company called Matchstic. From what I can tell, all the employees are pretty stinkin' talented AND creative, which is a benefit to them seeing as how they're in the business of branding...businesses.

Anyway, each year (this makes the fourth), they hold a pumpkin carving contest. If you wanna see some pretty sweet carved pumpkins, click here.

And if you're feeling generous, vote for Planet of the Apes. That's my friend's pumpkin and I know he would appreciate it.

Any of y'all carving pumpkins this year? We did but I think I should trash it after seeing those...

And in totally un-related news...I think this is my 200th post. Yay, celebrate, go me.


Camille said...

Wes and I are having some friends over for Halloween and we will be having a carving contest...I'm not sure how good we will do, but I'm sure there will be lots of pictures!

Rachel said...

Those are GREAT! Very impressive.

Bek* said...

ummm, excuse me...vote for the coffee pot. that's david's.

he bought a really crappy coffee pot for the office and has yet to hear the end of it, so he decided to immortalize it in pumpkin

Rachel Garcia said...

lol.. i love that you said you should trash yours after seeing those.. those are some pretty impressive pumpkins..