Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It Just May Come to a Grinding Halt

I uploaded QUITE a few pictures in the last 11 months or so.

Who on earth knows why?

Sadly, these pictures have begun to take a toll on the speed and efficiency of this here laptop on which I type.

So I have a new resolve. I'm going to transfer a large portion , if not all, of said photos onto flash drives.

Along with the threat (and stories from a couple friends) of the computer crashing and losing all these pictures, this got me motivated. Such a deal.


RDJones said...

oh man flash drives make me nervous too... I invested in an external hard drive because I had 30GB of pics just in 2008...guess it comes with the job :)... but anyways since my computer got stolen and all it has proven a valuable necessity! So glad I invested... check out best buy... I got a 250GB for cheap....granted more pricy than a flash drive but SO worth it.

Brad and Lindsey Bridges said...

We'd go with a big external hard drive as well!

Greta said...

Thanks for the advice!

Jodi said...

I linked to your blog from Rachel Callahan's - my husband loves slick deals, too. I would go with an external hard drive, though, as others have said.

Dragonrewards said...
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