Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hey You...Yep, You

To those faithful few who comment frequently, thank you.

And to those who read and don't comment, thank you as well. I'm glad you keep coming back!

Will you indulge me though? I'd love to see who all is reading. I'd also like to visit your blog, if you have one.

Whether you comment on every post, you've only done it once (Bob) or you never do it...leave me a comment with your coffee drink of choice (and no, it does not have to be from Starbucks).

Oh! For those who don't know how to comment, just click here and you can email me to let me know you're reading.


Ann Marie & Scott said...

oh hooray! my comment is first!!
and i love your blog Greta! you're one of those clever, yet to the point bloggers I *wish* I could be... :)
My fave drink is triple, non fat, no whip mocha.

Anonymous said...

I totally dont get it

Bob...post # 2

Beth said...

Hey, Greta!
I enjoy reading your creative and fun blog, even though you and I have never met... (but I was your hubby's teacher, at some point long, long ago!)
Sorry -- I don't have a favorite coffee, being that I can't stand that "Bitter juice!" (Besides, coffee will stunt your growth... ha-ha! This coming from a 6-foot-tall gal!) ;)
And as far as my blog goes... well, feel free to visit: http://www.alcazarblog.blogspot.com/

Kristin said...

Ummm, I get it...immensely. hahahaha. Greta, this is my favorite blog......seriously I check it all the time. My sister was just saying, "who reads people´s blogs regularly?" and I said, ME! I told her yours is one to jump because

1. you are a witty, intelligent writer and I like your topics. and I hope that the moms don´t take this the wrong way, I like that you don´t JUST write about Sam. What I mean is you don´t write about his socks and every little move he makes. Some people´s blogs are ONLY about their children, what they eat, when they sleep, etc...which of course it interesting and useful information to them but i miss hearing about about that person´s feelings and thoughts on the world. Yours is the perfect combination as we can walk through Sam´s cute steps and how he is growing and also you and Bob and your family. I love it!
2. You are a kick ass photographer. Seriously you should get into it as a hobby, I told my sister who used to work for a photography company. You have talent and major creativity. People like me, who when I eventually have kids will end up taking the crappiest pictures of them, will need people like you to help out! hahahahahha

3. Favorite drink: Soy latte unless it´s holiday season when that would mean that pumpkin spice one or at christmas the chocolate mind yummmm---

¡Tu vida es una maravilla para mí!

julie said...

:) i love your blog!

my favorite drink is water (seriously), but other than that -- it's a vanilla milk steamer from any coffee house that makes them (which, technically i can't have anymore)
But!! I was at starbucks the other night (which doesn't happen very often so i swear i'm not sucking up!) they were able to make me a SOY vanilla steamer! and it was really good! i got excited.

Rachel said...

Hi Greta! Checking in here. . .Love your blog and love White Chocolate Mocha!

Jeremy, Barkley, & Baby Woods! said...

Hi Greta!

I am a friend of Rachel C. and found your blog through hers...actually I think she told me to read it. Anyway, I was hooked right away! You are VERY witty and a FANTASTICALLY CREATIVE writer ;-) I very much enjoy reading your blog daily (maybe I'll comment now that the ice had been broken!). Thanks for sharing.


Oh, and I am a Chai Tea girl!

Laura said...

Of course I read your blog, and I'm a fan of the iced special blend at San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company (www.mysfcoffee.com) in VA Highlands, but if I'm not near home, then I'll settle for a tall iced mocha from Starbucks. :)

Jessica said...

HellO! I read your blog and got it from Mcnulty Quads...but my coffee choice is a simple Dunkin Donuts milk w/sugar..nothing fancy! 2 cups a day/ morning and afternoon. We pass a Dunkins and my kids are SHOCKED if we dont stop.
My blog is
Take Care, Jes

Camille said...

Hi, I'm reading! I drink one (or two or three) triple grande soy caramel lattes extra hot every day!

Jaci Spain said...

I read it! White chocolate mocha is my fav.

Ashley said...

I read! I follow (now that we have that option.) I don't like coffee...so...tea!

Shea said...

You know I read! My drink of choice lately has been a grande nonfat half-caff latte with cinnamon powder on top. Taste yummy without the guilt. ;) And, I totally agree with Kristin. I love reading your blog for all those reasons, too!

Brad and Lindsey Bridges said...

Love it! I'm into non-fat, 2pump peppermint mocha (no whip) and Brad is into soy vanilla latte. Our blog is at www.bradandlindsey.com

Jennifer said...

Hey Greta! Just dropping in as a sometimes commenter. Love the blog. I really like the recent posts on the election stuff, and your Wordless Wednedays are hilarious.

I don't do coffee, but I love the experience of ordering from a coffee shop and sitting and sipping my drink, so I go with Hot Chocolate.

RDJones said...

Oh Greta... I love you and your blog! I read it everyday!
I have 2 blogs mine and my photo blog:

oh and starbucks is something i hold dear to my heart :)
Top Favs:
Grande no water Chai Latte
Triple grande non-fat no whip 2 pump caramel 2 pump toffee nut latte

Camille Platt said...

I read it! http://casadelplatt.blogspot.com

i can't turn down a chai tea latte

Ryan said...

I read...check it out about every other day or so!!! I feel like it's my connection to the Loftin fam!!!

Ryan said...

So...I didn't realize I was signed into gmail as Ryan! It's Grace this time...I also didn't realize I forgot my favorite drink! I have several favorites...carmel macchiato (I butchered the spelling!)...skinny vanilla latte...and the pumpkin spiced latte! Basically if it is hot, not tea, or super chocolatey I will drink it!

Kara-KSS Photography said...

well you know i read the blog and like to comment here and there. Seems like you have quite the following Greta! We all just can't get enough of the cutie pie Sam. My fave drink is from Coffee Bean (west coast coffee chain) and its an iced coffee with hazelnut. Simple yet divine.

Cannonicity said...

Well I read your blog! I def love it! I have contemplated doing this experiment myself in the past. I enjoy writing on my blog but sometimes I wonder is there really a point? does aaaaannnnnyoooooneeeee ever read this? Then I contemplate deleting it. Haven't made it that far yet...we shall see.

I heart pumpkin spice latte's but don't consume that many calories in drink form very often, my staple is Tall skinny Caramel Latte.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

I am friends with Camille Cantrell. She has a link on her blog to yours, so I read it too! I like Diet Coke!

amy said...

i dont come everyday- but i catch up on past posts when i do come~ and i love it! my favorite coffee drink is carmel iced coffees from dunkin donuts:) ...or pumpkin anything warm. love you greta!

erin said...

i read everyday...but i've been behind the past week. i love reading and stealing some of your photo ideas (did you see the throwing pic on my blog this week :)

thanks for the advice about the food blowing thing. i've tried it for the past three days. no progress as of now, but hopefully i can wear her down :)

i think you know already what i love this time of year...pumpkin spice all the way. every other season - a mocha from urban standard.

erin said...

whoops...erin is actually melissa richie. sorry :) my sister is logged in!!!

*Kim* said...

Hello, hello! I have been "blog stalking" you for a while and I do not believe that I have ever left a comment. I really enjoy your blog and have it in my faves.
I don't drink coffee, can't stand it actually, but I love Dr. Pepper! Trying to get off of it, but you know that stuff is like liquid crack!! lol!! Hoping that one day I will say that water is my favorite!
My blog address is
Have a great day!

Jessica said...

I've only commented a couple of times, but I read your blog almost everyday. It's great!
Oh, and I'm really into the (unfortunately) seasonal coffee drink, Pumpkin Spice at Starbucks. Yum! =)

Lindsay said...

Iced white mocha. mmmhhhhh.... (the hot one is also a yummy fav). Oh, and I love the blog too :).

Rachel Garcia said...

so you surprised about how many people read your blog? i love your wit! and i hate coffee!


Bek* said...

earl gray tea...i hate coffee

Lauren said...

Hey hey hey - you must know that I'm reading (and commenting) regularly. And my favorite Starbuck's is a toss-up. If I'm sleepy, it's a mocha frap with 2 extra shots. If I'm just hanging out or need to indulge my sweet tooth, it's a chocolate cream frap.

Speaking of a sweet tooth, you will not believe the atrocity! I went to Target today and for the THIRD TIME bought a bar of choxie where the flavor had been switched to a different wrapper. What the junk is going on?? Are some people just hanging out at Target and getting jollies by moving candy bars around, going "Hahaha, someone will buy this thinking it's dark chocolate truffle but it's actually white chocolate with raspberry"? I was not pleased.

The Microblogologist said...

Well I have already delurked and have commented but didn't really give any intro. I am a bored blog addicted grad student living in the middle of Iowa. Your name amused me so I decided to click and found that you yourself is amusing and so one more blog on my addiction... er I mean blog roll. I LOVED Mr. Pibb until coke ruined it by making that Pibb extra stuff. Oh well, soda and caffeine are bad for me so it is for the best.

My favorite coffee drink would be what I call "ghetto mocha", which is hot chocolate milk spiked with decaf coffee crystals. On the rare occasion I get real coffee it is at the cafes on campus and I get a small decaf mocha with real milk. You are more than welcome to visit my crazy blog, I totally understand if it is not your thing =).


Amy D. said...

I followed A Sense of Purpose's blog roll over here a few weeks ago and check in occassionally.

My fav "coffee" drink is hot chocolate. Although I adored the Chantico that Starbucks had a few years back. I really wish they'd bring that back.

Anonymous said...

Of course I read your blog!! And my favorite coffee is just about anything at Big Mountain Coffee with you! Rebe

Kait said...

So, do you remember when I met you at Shea's house and I told you that I have read your blog?? I did feel a bit like a blog-stalker after that, but I am still reading!!
Pumpkin Spice Frapp = YUMMY!!

Annie said...

I read it too -- love hearing about what's going on in the life of the Carter's :)
I just started a blog too, but its not as cute as yours!
My coffee at Starbucks is definately Caramel Macchiato, though most of the time I end up with coffee la Annie.

Jenna said...

hey greta,
you know i gotst to read you!! i subscribe. that's love. that's commitment.

favorite coffee drink?
I like them all...except frozen slushy coffee drinks. I like my coffee hot...unless it's a Thai coffee, of course. hmmmm...thai coffee...

Jennifer Wendorf said...

Hey Greta,
I stumbled upon your blog through my friend, Rachel G., and I enjoy reading it. I graduated from Samford in '03, and you look familiar, but I don't think we ever crossed paths (...at least, not to my memory). Your family is precious! Sorry, I don't have a blog for you to check out (Rachel is trying to suck me into the blogsphere). As for coffee...my very fav is my own latte made in my little Bialetti stovetop espresso maker from Italy! But I'll also settle for a white chocolate mocha.

lil ole' me..... said...

Wow! This got the comments rolling! :)

Oooh, coffee... one of my favorite topics.
Pre breast feeding, I was just a black coffe gal, with a lil bit of sugar. While I'm bf-ing, I've switched to decaf carmel macchiatos from Starbucks. Yum.

Marcie said...

Hi Greta, I stumbled across your blog through Lauren Threadgill's (I'm her sister-in-law) and have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I usually take it black, but I love the ocassional iced caramel macchiato. And any kind of coffee dessert... yum.

HJoy said...

a little late.... butttt. i do read your blog :)

oh favorite drink. um can i just stay with coffee? yes, a pumpkin spice latte with non-fat milk. :)
love ya G!