Thursday, October 9, 2008

Modern Medicine, it Always Amazes Me

Warning: The first link goes to a graphic picture. If you're sqeamish about blood, think twice.

Stuff like this has ALWAYS blown my mind.
This little one was 21 weeks. That's just at 5 months.
I will never understand how people believe abortion is ok, especially after knowing stuff like this happens.

(I may have to do a post on this later because there's quite a bit to say).

And, this is crazy too! I just saw it today. How weird would that feel!?


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, the doctor whose hand the baby grasped had performed abortions in the past and made a decision at the moment of the handshake never to do them again. Rebe

Kristin said...


1st go Germans!!
2nd I was almost born with spina bifida. I was born with the start of spina bifida but it never developed completely to actually paralyze me, you never know how things will turn out in the end regardless of the tests they do while you're pregnant. Crazy.

Greta said...

Kristin - amazing! You're a miracle :) (but we already knew that right?!)

And so so true. You just never know.

Lindsay said...

That picture is amazing. I, too, completely don't get how some people wouldn't believe that's a life!

The Microblogologist said...

I remember when that picture first appeared, it is a very powerful image! I find abortion to be sick, especially since the vast majority of them are what I refer to as "birth control". Whenever I discuss the issue with a pro-choicer they always tend to bring up the rape and incest cases, those are a fraction of a percent of all abortions and so to me irrelevant. My, "It's not the baby's fault..." counter-point does not seem to fly with them.

The whole thing is insane and I hope eventually this society realizes how vile it is to kill unborn babies.


Kristin said...

I will say this with the risks of being attacked....., having left the comment I did, it may come surprising to believe that I am pro choice. I know that many pro life supporters do not differentiate between WHEN the abortion is performed. To many of them it is the same act, which taken into consideration their beliefs, their reasons are logical.

However, I personally do not believe in abortions past 6 weeks for myself and/or for anyone else. To many of you that still may seem wrong (and like I said, I understand why you think that) but that's what I believe and I will not be made by pro life supporters to consider myself a bad person for feeling that way. I expect to be treated with respect for my beliefs just as they also do.

And I NEVER bring up rape and incest cases when discussing abortion. Yes those instances exist, but they are not the majority of the cases we are dealing with.

sorry if that came off as strong!

Greta said...

Kristin, do you mind saying why 6 weeks? I hope I don't come across like I'm attacking b/c that's not my intent. Just bringing up a "thinking point".(Feel free to email me if you'd rather...that goes for anyone).

My thinking here is that not many people know the exact date they conceive. Even measurements taken by the docs through ultrasound aren't 100% accurate and vary just like people vary in size/weight. So, how can one know for sure exactly how far along they are?

The Microblogologist said...


I often try to avoid abortion and political discussions for that very reason, too many times they dissolve into personal attacks. I've lost several friends growing up because we did not share the same beliefs and were too immature to come to terms with it. Respect is key for having an intelligent discussion, otherwise it is just a waste of time.

In a way I don't differentiate between when the abortion is performed but that is because I consider "life" begins at the zygote stage (the cell resulting from the sperm and egg joining). My view is based on my understanding of biology and how scientists define life, though not all scientists are pro-life of course. Trying to draw a "line in the sand" for when it is acceptable or unacceptable is extremely arbitrary and there is no way everyone will agree on where that line should be.

Either way I think that education is important. High school kids should be educated on birth control, the various methods and their success rates as well as abstinence. I believe it is the school's job/responsibility to give the unbiased facts while it is the parents' responsibility to teach them moralities and such. I was taught about birth control in high school and did not start having sex, I don't know anyone who did. Sheltered kids are often the ones to get into trouble from what I have observed.

And that is how a relatively conservative, Christian microbiologist sees it, lol. Sorry for hijacking your comments Greta, hope you don't mind!


Kristin said...

Hello Greta and microbiologist,

First of all, I love the discussion, and that you are being so courteous and respectful regardless of our difference in opinion. I appreciate that so much and find it very admirable.

Ok let's see, when I said 6 weeks, I don't mean EXACTLY six weeks, I mean as quickly as possible. I don't know how most women are, but I am very in tune with my body and take care of it and would know right away (or I would expect to) if something had changed. Having said that, I completely understand why you too, and other pro lifers still see this as wrong. It is, actually, the same act, just performed at a different time, so what you are saying is why does the time make a difference, that is doesn't change the morality of the situation.

Also, you have made a point about the "drawing the line in the sand" as being arbitrary. You are completely right. No one will EVER agree on what is the right or acceptable time for something like this to be performed.

Greta, what you said about how do you know EXACTLY how far along you are, that is difficult. I understand completely. I just know that if I had gotten pregnant in the past, and I was only a few weeks, I would have absolutely gotten an abortion. Had I found out that I was pregnant and I was further along for some reason, I would in no case have gotten it. Maybe because if it's right at the beginning it still doesn't seem real, doesn't kick in that it is actually happening, which makes it easier to "get rid of" (that sounds absolutely terrible, but I think that so much of women's decisions regarding abortion is psychological, whether they really can accept that they are actually pregnant, and in the beginning they don't accept it so it makes it easier for them to have an their heads)

It's such a hard issue to explain why I feel the way I do. I just know that that's what I would have done, I would have been way too afraid to have a baby. Am I a coward? Yes probably. Of course, today I would never have one, I am talking when I was a teenager and maybe early 20s when I was not emotionally stable enough to handle something like that (which means that I would also not have handled an abortion well either, because that is extremely difficult as well)

In the end, yes I agree education is the key. too many teenagers are extremely confused, I have been working with teenagers now for years and see myself at that age in them. I'm glad that I NEVER had to face that situation and that I was smart and responsible enough to protect myself and that when I do get pregnant, I will not think twice about having that child, it will be one of the best days of my life.

Loved discussing this with you guys! I am always open to hearing others views, especially those who oppose mine because it really makes you reflect on what you believe.

Greta said...

I, too, really appreciate the respectful comments. Really.

And Kristin, I especially appreciate your transparency. I think you're being extremely honest and that's admirable.

Wish you were closer so we could hang out! We had some fun times, didn't we?!

Kristin said...

Um, Greta, if you were in my vicinity I would definitely be stalking you and forcing you to hang out with me, so you better expect that if we are ever in a 10 mile radius within eachother hahahaha.