Friday, October 24, 2008

It's All in the Delivery

I've become a pretty big fan of Amy Poehler's humor. I don't know the woman in person, obviously, so keep in mind...we're just talking about her recent humor - namely, Baby Mama and her rap on SNL.

Now, we don't normally watch SNL buuuut, with the spot-on impression of Palin that Tiny Fey has whipped out...we've becoming seasonal fans, election season that is. We record it on DVR and kind of scan through for the "not-dumb" parts.

Anyway, she's pregnant. Really pregnant. So each week we're surprised to see her on the Weekend Update again. Anybody know whe she's due?


Bek* said...

i don't know but we are the same way. we love snl these days. and she is hilarious. mostly i love andy samberg. never has being so stupid been so awesome

Lauren said...

My best guess is 3 weeks ago, by the looks of things.

Melissa said...

check it out!

and guess no more!

Greta said...

Yea! I just heard this morning that she had him over the weekend.

Good thing that kid won't be under any pressure to be funny, right?

Peyton said...

i ahve been trying to keep up with SNL these past few weeks. hilarious!

tina fey should be a "double" for palin...perfect. they look just alike.